Virtual and Hybrid Event Platform

Our Virtual Event Platform helps associations and meeting planners to captivate their online and live audiences and turn them into active communities. Viva’s professionally managed, end-to-end online events solution has everything you need to plan, promote, monetize and stream an engaging, interactive online experience.


Spark conversations in your virtual lobby

Finally, a branded and custom virtual lobby where conversations can happen in a virtual event. Have your experts and speakers available to chat, make your virtual concierge accessible, pin key content to the feed, and have users interact with one another.

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events combine the “live” in-person attendance with “virtual” online components for remote attendees. It provides an opportunity to perfectly blend the physical, virtual audience experience and expand the reach to a worldwide audience at a relatively low cost. You not only attract the audience who are able to physically attend the event but also provide a completely new way for people to engage with your brand at a global level.

Virtual Booths

Leverage the flexible virtual space to customize exhibitor booths, offer on-demand content, provide chat forums and perform online transactions for optimal prospect engagement.

  • View Exhibitor/Sponsor Profile
  • Capture Online Registration with landing page
  • Leverage our Virtual Booth Templates
  • Virtual Briefcase
  • Conversation with Interactivity Tools
  • Mobile-friendly all the way
  • Live chats between Attendees and Exhibitors

Key Features of Virtual Platform

Show Top Matches

Our Artificial Intelligence based algorithm suggests the top 10 matches for each attendee based on their preferences.

Impress with high-quality live video

Connect your speakers to multi-presenter sessions using the tools that you already know. Multiply your impact with parallel sessions. Leverage our native streaming cloud and our robust content delivery network for scaling to thousands of viewers.

Round table discussions

  • Host controls the meeting
  • Host can share desktop and present
  • Attendees participate with camera and microphone
  • Attendees can network and chat
  • Integrated with the event programme

Request/Reschedule/Cancel Appointments

Our virtual business matchmaking app enables users to request, reschedule & cancel appointments with only a few clicks.

One-on-one private meetings

  • Attendees can invite each other to one-to-one meetings
  • During the meeting, attendees are live-streamed from their computer and can share desktop to present
  • Integrated with attendee profiles: schedule appointments to support one-to-one meetings

Record Meetings and Share Screen

Our matchmaking software allows attendees to record their meetings & use it in the future. The screen sharing feature is seamlessly designed and allows for effective collaboration & makes it easier for users to present their files.

Detailed Analytics and Reports

The detailed reports & customized dashboards help to get critical insights into attendee behavior which can be exported into a CSV or an Excel file for follow-ups.

Go beyond virtual

Digital Experience

Expand your virtual event into a long-lasting complete digital experience.

Customizable branding

Brand the whole experience, from registration to virtual lobby to menu items.

Reporting & analytics

Easily track everything from registrations to engagement, with our dashboards and reports.

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