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More and more running races are switching to disposable tag technology because of the convenience and performance of the latest Ultra High Frequency (UHF) technology.

The Ultra System is the perfect timing system for running races big and small and can handle any size timing point from 16m start lines of a ‘major’ to a small 2m wide finish line for a local club race. Ultra is the only true ‘open source’ system that allows the owner to buy their own disposable tags from 3rd party vendors.

Tags are placed on the back of the chest race number bib and require no effort on the part of the athlete.

Gone are the days of fiddly shoe tags that have to be collected after the run and checked to see who has not handed them in. With disposable tag technology there are no teams of volunteers collecting chips and the runner simply moves on to the post race recovery unhindered.

For running clubs the High Density Digital (HDD) provides one of the best value for money timing systems on the market today. The system uses reusable low frequency transponders placed on the shoe or ankle band. This system can also be used for many other sports like Cycling and Traithlon.




Cycling is one of the most demanding of sports to time given the speed and volume of riders in a bunch sprint. It is also a sport that is gaining in popularity throughout the world with the advent of Cyclo Sportives (or Sportifs) and Gran Fondos.

Both the Ultra and the HDD systems are suitable for cycle events, with the Ultra having the added advantage of using disposable tags.


  • Accurate, portable, and user-friendly.
  • Easy Set up and pack away, just join 4 mats together; plug them into ULTRA and start! It’s as easy as that!
  • Compact and rugged the high performance ULTRA will put up with the punishment of the outdoors
  • Use cost effective disposable tags or invest in a set of the ULTRATAGs which can be re-used over and over.
  • Upgradeable. The ULTRA 4 can be upgraded to an 8 port unit at any stage if a more powerful unit is required to tackle the larger numbers as events develop with popularity.