Email Marketing

Increase your customer loyalty through engaging emails to event attendees, partners, etc. Use top-notch email marketing tool to drive event registration, extend your event’s reach and make it an incredible success.

Send exciting and engaging messages to promote your event


Deliver emails that are always up to date. Easily leverage real-time data and manage it well to create exciting and engaging messages to promote your event and engage the audience with campaigns. Apply examples and templates to get started on your own.


Mass email messages to potential attendees


Send bulk messages to specific attendees, and track event attendees quickly and easily with the ability to email members/attendees via the Quick Mass Email option. Just like any other updates sent via mass email, send quick reminders about your event, add any data, and communicate with all of your attendees from the same spot in your dashboard in an easier way.

A Wide Range of Email Templates

Event Marketing on Viva Track helps you reach & engage business professionals. We provide a range of templates to help you design effective and attractive emails for your even marketing strategy

Track your email messaging success


Track email marketing performance before, during and after your event. View your email campaign statistics as a whole or individually, giving you actionable data to improve your future campaigns.

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