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The Entertainment industry consists of various establishments including movie theatres, opera houses, concert halls, sports stadiums, and indoor/outdoor rental venues.

In each establishment, it is important to ensure assets are monitored, operations is optimized, and that the visitor experience is maximized.

RFID Systems for Live Concert & Nightclubs is the solution accurately tracking your assets, ensuring security, and attaining an overall view of your business operations. Through our products, one receives real-time information in helping them drive cost controls, just-in-time inventory ordering, staff accountability, and improving the customer experience.


How RFID applications solve business challenges in the Entertainment industry

  • Tagging every piece of equipment with RFID tags enables you to track equipment location, usage and provides a comprehensive maintenance history.
  • With RFID technology, any inventory item can be tagged, identified, and tracked so that your facility has 100% visibility on what matters most to the operation.
  • Assigning wearable RFID badges to personnel allows your organization to track attendance, locate personnel, and review productivity. These badges can even be integrated with existing payroll systems to automate your HR processes.
  • Provide RFID badges to authorized personnel enables them to access zones in your facility. Every time access is granted, the activity is logged to the database and can be printed in a report for you to review.
  • RFID technology can be applied to make exhibits more interactive and personalized. Event content can be electronically to every patron via RFID wristbands to ensure every marketing message is communicated. All activity is logged in a database and associated to each unique visitor, providing event managers with value data at the end of every event.