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Viva Track Onsite Registration Sysytem

  • Designing of registration counter with all e-facilities
  • Network based terminals – Delegates, visitor & others can register on any counter & get badges
  • No Queue / Fast track Registration
  • Delegate / visitor Management
  • Providing onsite facility for payment through cards, e banking or cash

VIVA offers complete, on-site registration solutions for any event, exhibition, conference, function or gala dinner by providing all electronic equipment, printouts, seat allocations, guest lists, registers, name cards, labels and so much more. By using our self-developed, state-of-the-art technology and software, the registration process at your event is guaranteed to be a breeze. Budget options are available, making this an affordable service ensuring the smooth running of your event.

Traking Solution: acDelegates and attendees can be tracked by barcode or RFID tracking, providing you with valuable information regarding the number of people attending your event, attendance profiles, etc. In addition, VIVA provides a range of name tag options that are all generated on site when delegates register.

Network Solution: In our fast-paced world, access to e-mail and Internet facilities is imperative. In the past, setting up and managing a temporary computer infrastructure at events has always been a difficult and laborious process. Fortunately, this entire function can be outsourced to VIVA.

We provide: Networked PCs allowing your delegates access to e-mail, the Internet and printing facilities A dedicated, on-site support team, who will maintain all systems, assist delegates and ensure the smooth running of all network needs and requirements Access to delegates’ personal e-mail accounts or office networks by setting up remote networking systems.

VIVA network solutions are fully customised to your specific requirements and will ensure that your delegates enjoy the convenience of full connectivity for the duration of your exhibition, conference or event.

Electronic Formcapture: Fill up feedback form-scan & evaluated. A full in depth report & statics are generated & sent back to the client, saving your time and money.

Plasma Solution: In addition to providing registration solutions, we will design and set up dynamic, eye-catching, 3D-animated plasma displays for your event, highlighting any of the following:

  • Your company profile
  • Seating plans
  • Sponsor advertising
  • Video clips and presentations
  • Live broadcasts
  • Website displays.

MMS Streaming: MMS streaming is a great idea for corporate functions and events. We provide you with a dedicated MMS number for the evening. Your delegates can then take photos with their cell phones and send them to the MMS number provided on screen. Plasma screens then display these photos throughout the venue and delegate interact by sending more MMS pictures.

Auto Meeting Scheduling: Getting together with other delegates or creating networking opportunities during big events can be a difficult process. VIVA will manage all your delegates’ networking requirements by:

  • Setting up meetings between delegates
  • Based on their individual requirements
  • Electronically managing diaries and providing meeting times and venues to delegates.

Our advanced software allows our on-site team to:

  • Quickly determine seating availability
  • Manage over-subscribed tables
  • Change seating arrangements with speed and ease
  • Accommodate large groups with table seating options
  • Assist delegates in finding their seats by providing printouts of table/seat numbers.